DMEK? DSAEK? Corneal Transplant or Alphabet Soup?

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In my first blog entry we reviewed the basic structure of the cornea and process of performing a full-thickness corneal transplant. There are many patients, however, in whom only a certain layer or layers of the cornea are damaged and need to be replaced. In fact, in Fuchs corneal dystrophy - the most common reason for corneal transplantation [...]

Presbyopia Problems Part 2 – Reading Glasses and Other Lenses

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A recap of what we have learned so far: As we discussed in the last blog post, presbyopia is a universally-occurring, age-related problem that occurs due to changes in the thickness and flexibility of the natural lens inside the eye.The result is a progressive difficulty with near vision - especially seeing details such as small [...]

An Introduction to Corneal Transplant Surgery

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Hello, my name is Geoffrey Hill, MD. I am an ophthalmologist and cornea specialist, and I am excited to be the newest doctor joining the Hill Vision Services Team this summer. In this, my first blog post, I would like to begin by talking about the cornea, corneal surgery, and giving some general information about corneal transplantation. Before [...]