“Dry Eye” is a term used when a patient is either not producing enough tears or when the tear layer is not working properly to coat the surface of the eye and maintain adequate lubrication.

A large percentage of individuals are affected by symptoms of dry eye, and the condition often becomes worse with increasing age. If you are one of the millions of Americans who suffer from symptoms of blurry, fluctuating vision or pain and discomfort, pursuing treatment can prevent against ocular surface damage and other potential problems. At Hill Vision Services, we see and treat many patients with a range of dry eye symptoms, from mild to severe. We also receive referrals from many other area eye doctors for patients to be evaluated in our Advanced Dry Eye Clinic. Contact Hill Vision Services to speak with one of our St. Louis eye doctors today.

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Dry Eye Care

There are many different reasons why patients may have a problem with tear function, including age, environment, allergies, menopause or other hormonal changes, oil gland dysfunction in the skin, systemic disease, and many medications, to name a few.

One of the most common reasons for dry eye is the blockage of the meibomian glands at the edge of the eyelids. Meibomian gland dysfunction, also known as MGD, means that the oil layer on the surface of the tears is not adequate, which can lead to symptoms like:

  • Pain
  • Burning
  • Stinging
  • Irritation
  • Redness
  • Unstable or fluctuating vision

MGD and dry eye, are progressive disorders that can become worse with time. This progression can lead to damage to the meibomian glands, which may become permanent, causing continued discomfort and vision problems.

The first step in dry eye treatment is to determine the underlying cause or causes. Our experienced eye doctors at Hill Vision Services can check for signs of dry eye and MGD during a routine eye exam and offer effective treatments for these problems.

For patients who have more severe symptoms, we have developed an Advanced Dry Eye Clinic, in which patients receive a thorough examination and focused testing to determine the underlying causes. Once we are able to fully diagnose the problem, our doctors develop a personalized treatment plan for each patient that may involve one or a combination of the following treatment methods: preservative-free artificial tears or lubricant drops; prescription drops; eyelid hygiene methods; serum tears; recommendations for environmental or medication changes; punctal plugs; and oral prescription medications or supplements.

Dry Eye Care & Treatment

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Patient Testimonials:

“When my annoying dry eye started interfering with my ability to drive, I decided to seek out help. What I thought was horrible dry eye was actually caused by meibomian gland dysfunction. My vision had worsened to the point where everything was severely out of focus, I could barely keep my eyes open to drive on sunny days, and the redness made strangers stop to ask if I was all right. When I had exhausted all the traditional treatment options consisting of prescription drops, eye exercises, and hot compresses to no avail, I finally took a hard look at the LipiFlow treatment…

The treatment itself was the easiest procedure I’ve ever had done. There was virtually no discomfort, it only took about 15 minutes, and the staff at Hill Vision was wonderfully responsive to questions and very knowledgeable on the treatment and follow-up. It’s been nearly a year since I’ve had the LipiFlow treatment, and I can say that I have experienced a complete reversal of my symptoms. The severe redness and pain subsided within a few days, my vision returned to normal within a week, and I’ve remained completely free of dry eye symptoms.

Based on my amazing experience with, not only the effectiveness of the procedure, but also the superb staff at Hill Vision Services and the ease of the treatment, I would absolutely recommend LipiFlow to anyone suffering from meibomian gland dysfunction.”

– Courtney

“I started experiencing dry eyes in my late 40s. I went to Dr. Blankenship when it became unbearable. I tried several prescription medications to help my eyes produce more tears. They gave some relief, but not a cure. I went back to Dr. Blankenship to see if there was anything else that may help. He then told me about the LipiFlow treatment. He checked my glands to see if I was a good candidate and explained the majority of my glands were blocked and that the LipiFlow treatment would unblock them.

The treatment was not uncomfortable or painful. It is like having a warm massage for your eyes. Each week after the treatment, I noticed improvement. I use warm compresses and a lid scrub once a day to keep the glands open. My eyes before LipiFlow were very painful, red, swollen, and teared constantly, which interfered with daily activities. After the treatment, my day is not dictated by my dry eyes. The constant watering has stopped and the redness and swelling are gone.

I would recommend the LipiFlow treatment and Hill Vision Services to anyone experiencing dry eyes. I was comfortable and informed every step of the treatment.”

– Dannette

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