Eye examinations are at the start of everything we do at Hill Vision Services. After all, we cannot offer accurate prescriptions or effective treatment of diseases without first examining and identifying these issues.

Providing a thorough analysis of your eyes and vision allows us to stop potential problems before they become worse. In doing so, we continually maintain the health of your eyes and can give you peace of mind.

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Importance of Eye Exams

Simply put, eye examinations are important every year because they help prevent disease and can keep your eyes working at peak performance!

At every exam, we check your visual acuity, taking into account the prescription you have and whether or not you need a newer, updated one. In addition, we perform a detailed examination including measurement of eye pressure and screening for ocular diseases, as necessary. Every step of the exam is performed to help guide our expert formation of a solution. We will review the results with you and be available for questions every step of the way.

After the examination, we will decide on a treatment plan that will effectively help get your vision back to the way it should be— the eye exam is the first step to get you started!

Diabetic Eye Exams

If you have diabetes, you are at risk of experiencing gradual vision loss due to inadequate blood sugar control. Regular comprehensive eye exams at recommended intervals not only help monitor the overall health of a diabetic patient, but can also allow eye doctors to intervene with treatment that will help prevent future vision loss.

Ask your doctor for more information based on your situation. Contact us now.

Pediatric Eye Exams

Many states require a pediatric eye doctor to perform an examination before young children begin school. This screening is done to ensure good eye health and check for any vision problems that could have otherwise gone unnoticed, affecting your child’s future eye and brain development.

Hill Vision Services offers these examinations at all of our locations on a regular basis. We provide a relaxed, inviting atmosphere to make children and patients of all ages feel comfortable.

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Our ophthalmologists and optometrists provide thorough, personalized eye examinations that start you on the road to clear vision. With three convenient locations in the area: Creve Coeur, Lake St. Louis, and Glen Carbon, we welcome families of all ages to come and see us! Contact us now to request an appointment!

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