LASIK eye surgery is one of the safest, most effective medical procedures done today; however, it is more than just a vision enhancement procedure. LASIK is a life-changing surgery that has helped people around the world achieve crisp, clear vision and abandon their contact lenses and glasses.

At Hill Vision Services, our board-certified Cornea Specialist and Refractive Surgeon, Dr. Geoffrey Hill, has been specially trained to perform the LASIK. We are proud to offer LASIK to individuals in St. Louis who seek freedom from glasses and contacts! Contact us today to get started!

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How LASIK Surgery Works

The shape of your cornea, a clear dome in front of the colored part of the eye, determines how light enters the eye and how well you see. If light does not hit the eye just right, your view can be blurry and from nearsightedness, farsightedness, and/or astigmatism. Through LASIK, our surgeon can correct these refractive errors and eliminate the need for prescription glasses or contacts.

For more information, read our LASIK surgery FAQs here.

The LASIK Procedure

LASIK is a fast, easy, and painless surgery that provides quick results—you can change your whole life in just one short procedure! Since being approved by the FDA in 1999, millions of people have undergone LASIK with outstanding results. Not only does the LASIK procedure offer long-term vision correction, but it is also remarkably safe, having one of the highest success rates of any surgical eye treatment.

Dr. Geoffrey Hill is a fellowship-trained Corneal Specialist and Refractive Surgeon who is certified to safely perform LASIK eye surgery in the St. Louis area.

The following steps are what you can expect during your LASIK eye surgery:

  1. Numbing eye drops are administered and sometimes a mild oral sedative is offered to help you relax.
  2. A small device will be placed around your eyelids to keep you from blinking during the procedure.
  3. During your LASIK procedure, a highly advanced laser is guided to create a flap in the cornea.
  4. The flap is gently lifted, and an extremely precise excimer laser is then used to shape the cornea to the proper curvature.
  5. Once this is completed, the flap is carefully set back into place.

The procedure can take about 10-20 minutes per eye, but the laser will only be used for a few seconds.

Are You a Good Candidate for LASIK?

The ideal candidate for LASIK surgery is someone who is young and healthy with no other eye diseases. The best way to find out if LASIK is a good option for you is to visit Hill Vision Services for a comprehensive refractive consultation. We perform extensive testing with some of the most advanced technology available. Additionally, we personalize your treatment plan to achieve the most favorable results for your specific situation.

Some of the factors we consider when determining if LASIK surgery is right for you include:

  • Eye health – LASIK does not address eye diseases and may not be recommended for patients with certain conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, or macular degeneration.
  • Eye anatomy – Factors such as abnormally thin corneas or large pupils may mean that you are not an ideal candidate for LASIK. Those who have really high prescriptions may not be eligible for LASIK, but may be a candidate for other refractive procedures.
  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding – Hormones related to pregnancy can affect the eyes. Be sure to mention in your LASIK consultation if you are taking any prescription drugs or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

For those who are not ideal candidates for traditional laser eye surgery, there are also a variety of other excellent options. Our doctors are happy to provide counseling and can recommend other refractive techniques that can correct vision with similar results.

Hill Vision Services is dedicated to providing our patients with the information they need to make informed decisions about their eye health. While there are several myths about LASIK, you can separate the facts from the fiction here. As you consider laser eye surgery, we encourage you to reach out to family and friends to learn more about their experiences. You’ll come to see why so many people have turned to LASIK for years to improve their vision and lifestyle!

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