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Recently, an article written by our own Dr. Geoffrey Hill was featured in the cover focus story of Millennial Eye, an online publication for young ophthalmologists. Dr. Hill is an expert in corneal crosslinking, and it is an honor to be recognized by this prestigious international publication.

In his article, Dr. Hill discusses the process of starting a new corneal crosslinking program at Hill Vision Services. Corneal crosslinking is a groundbreaking, FDA-approved treatment for keratoconus and corneal ectasia.

Dr. Hill has now been performing corneal crosslinking in St. Louis for an entire year, and we at Hill Vision Services continue to lead the way in introducing FDA-approved crosslinking to the St. Louis Area, as well as in pursuing insurance coverage for patients undergoing this procedure.

Read the full article: CXL From the Ground Up

Congratulations, Dr. Hill, and to all of the Hill Vision Services staff who have made this project a success!

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