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Contact Lens Services

At Hill Vision Services, we offer a full range of contact lens options, including fittings and competitive pricing on soft contact lenses, toric and multifocal soft lenses, gas-permeable, hybrid, and scleral lenses.

Led by Dr. Timothy Blankenship – our optometrist and contact lens fitting specialist – our team of doctors, technicians, and opticians, can help you choose the best contact lenses for your lifestyle and budget.

We are participants in unilateral competitive pricing

This means we are able to match or beat available online or retail prices for many of our soft contact lens models.

With our competitive pricing, combined with the expertise and customer service of our optical staff, purchasing contact lenses has never been easier!

Here are some of the most common soft lenses we prescribe:

Acuvue Oasys

One Day Acuvue Moist

AirOptix Aqua Comfort Plus

Alcon Daily Total 1


Clariti Dailies

We also offer a 20% discount on one pair of prescription sunglasses when you purchase a 1 year supply of soft contact lenses from our optical shop!

Order your contact lenses online!

Creve Coeur Online Store

Lake St. Louis Online Store

(Some exclusions apply, talk with one of our opticians for details on this offer)

Specialty Lenses

Certain conditions can make contact lens fitting more challenging:

  • Keratoconus

  • High or irregular astigmatism

  • Dry Eyes

  • Giant papillary conjunctivitis (GPC)

  • After refractive surgery (LASIK)

  • After corneal transplant surgery

  • Presbyopia

 Some of these conditions require specialty contact lenses (as opposed to glasses or soft lenses) for the best comfort and visual quality. Our staff are able to offer specialized assistance in contact lens fitting for these and other conditions.

We perform fittings for and offer a variety of specialty lenses, including rigid gas permeable (RGP), Duette and Synergeyes brand hybrid lenses, and scleral lenses.

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